Health Focused SPACE management

Actionable data to motivate employees to move, improve meeting room utilization and bring teams closer.

It's simple - see how
“We love Jack because it increases adoption of a big investment in sit-stand that can deliver huge health and productivity benefits as well as reduce absenteeism".
Director of Real Estate - PayPal International

What is Jack?

Jack makes the most of activity based working by providing a crystal clear, real-time picture of how your space is being used, without asking employees to download an app or activate Bluetooth.


Make better use of space

Our hardware provides billions of data points that provide a clear real-time picture of how your space is being used, the number of individuals within the space, and the predicted space usage.

Healthier employees

We create value for employees by offering an optional fitbit-style dashboard which connects to the Jack interface providing a goal and social orientated experience to get them standing more and generally be more active.
Since Jack provides occupancy data and doesn't need every employee to install an app you can meet your obligations to OH&S and make better decisions on how to optimise your space to make it more attractive, bring the right teams closer and potentially even cut real estate costs.


No Bluetooth, wifi, or software installation

Unlike our competitors, Jack uses smart sensors and does not demand that employees or customers install apps or enable Bluetooth in order to generate engagement data.

Accurate future space usage predictions

Our cloud connected dashboard delivers real-time key metrics on current space utilisation and makes predictions on future space utilisation from anywhere in the world.

Personalised health coaching for employees

Employees can make use of Jack’s monitoring capabilities by tracking the way they interact with different working stations - such as standing desks.
Jack’s optional fitbit-style dashboard will help them work healthier.

Detailed activity monitoring

In addition to recording space usage, Jack is also capable of capturing the way employees make use of particular work stations. Sensors can give a clear picture of how often a standing desk has actually been used in the standing position, and so on.


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